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Three Things I Love About "Rawspiration: Change Your Life, One Bite at a Time"

Rawpsiration is great. It is a cookbook, mini-auto-biography, lifestyle digital-party. It is down-to-earth, fun, easy and deeply healthy.

Written by a 25 year old starting out on her journey with a radically healthy lifestyle, it is written like she is your best friend, chatting, sharing what she’s discovered, her enthusiasm and passion resounding on every page. Rawspiration ($15 e-book) is the fruit of years of research, experimentation and play with a raw plant based diet, including recipes, make-up, kitchen utensils, brands and more. It is a crash course in going vegetarian, or vegan, or raw, or healthy, or sustainable, or all of them at once.

I first met the author, Anne Meinke, a couple years ago, then with a brand-new baby and a fire in her for personal transformation. Right away I was excited about what she was learning, what she was trying, and how she was putting it all together. She had already begun a vibrant online community around her blog and website ( and was starting the work of bringing the book together. My family has been waiting ever since for her book – and it was worth the wait!

Three Things I Love About Rawspiration: Change Your Life, One Bite at a Time

1. The e-book takes full advantage of the medium, with cross-referenced internal links throughout the book to help you more easily navigate between the different sections (reading a recipe and need more information about where to purchase a certain ingredient, click! want to know more about a particular utensil – what it is for and where to get it, click! see a title in the table of contents that catches your eye, click!). There are bountiful embedded links to outside articles, information, blogs and so on, woven throughout the book. The hard-copy will be available by December 1st (in time to get the perfect Christmas present for your net-unsavvy family members, ~$40), but the e-book is so much more than text in a PDF – it is worth getting the e-book for its dynamism and interactivity.

2. The recipes are delicious and surprisingly easy! (It stands to reason that removing the cooking portion of food preparation would cut out a lot of time and effort, but it still surprised me.) There are more recipes in there than you could possibly make in a month of eating straight out of the book – from breakfasts to full meals to snacks and drinks.

3. But what I love most about the book is its implicit holistic approach. Everything is on the table for consideration: food, skin-care and make-up, exercise, attitude, child-rearing, mental health… in this relatively short book she manages to touch on so much. The book isn’t written as “advice” but simply what your new best friend found helpful for her, in her experience, experimentation and research.

The author is only 25 years old, and she writes like she talks. That makes it fun to read, and you can hear her voice and smile leaping off the page. Still, my older readers should just take note – this is like having a 25 year old in your kitchen to talk about her life’s work. I honestly can’t wait to see where Meinke takes this journey in the next ten or twenty years.

The e-book can be purchased at the author’s website for $15 (, where you can also follow her blog and other social media. (The book is worth it at twice the price.)

LIVE WEBCAST: As an added bonus, I will be doing a live webcast (via Facebook) with the author this coming Sunday (September 11) at 3pm! A half-hour interview and Q&A session about the book, her life and work now, and where her new life is taking her.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: But wait, there’s more! The first five WholeHealth.Today readers who purchase the book will receive a $5 discount – making the book only $10! Go to, click on the “book” tab, and use the code “WHOLEHEALTH”. Only the first five people to use this code will get the discount – so don’t wait!

I can't recommend Meinke's book enough. Really - if you're only going to spend $15 on your health, happiness and wellbeing this year, make it this book.

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