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What Clients Are Saying

Oh, my god, this is fantastic.*

Carmen O., White Center

I feel so much more calm and in control of things more so than I have ever been.*

Ryan N., Seattle

I suffered from tinnitus and it affected me and my lifestyle 365/24/7.  It was utterly maddening and reaching a point that if I couldn’t find some form of help, then stepping off the curb in front of a bus was an option.


I’m not sure how to explain it , but it was a 100% successful program that I went through with Christian.  My tinnitus does not bother me at all!  I’m absolutely amazed, but also grateful for what Christian has done for me.


I could go on with all the praise in the world, but I think what sums it up for me is simply that I genuinely miss working with him now that it’s over.  A true professional and an absolutely wonderful person who truly cares about your well being.*

Brad M., Minnesota

 I found Christian to be very kind, welcoming and professional.  I have learned so much about the brain and how little we use of it and how much I was stuck in my critical thinking section.  Christian has helped me to be more relaxed and more present.  I've visited him several times and plan to go again. I definitely highly recommend Christian Skoorsmith. Whether you want to start a good habit, break a bad, or just learn some relaxation techniques, I think this is a good way to go about it.*

Kathy A., Seattle

This has been AMAZING! I've been working on personal development & stress-reduction & finding/cultivating peace in my life, and working with you has made a significant and positive impact in this area!*

Elissa A., Seattle

It's been incredibly helpful. I haven't had any carbs - had no desire for it. Thanks again. It is the best money I've ever spent!*

Sabira A., Bellevue

I'm very happy with all that you have done for me. The quit smoking was the very BEST for me and I will continue to be a non-smoker!*

Jamie L., Seattle

Christian, it's been a great experience. Talking with you, and mainly you helping me change my way of life on a day-to-day basis (drinking every day in excess, eating snack foods in excess, giving me more motivation to get things done). I am thrilled with the results. To me it is amazing. Thank you & my family thanks you.*

Jim C., Buckley

No previous breakup has ever healed this fast for me. I have no option but to conclude it's your help. It's astonishing. I know that you treat severe conditions like PTSD but you are a highly effective cure for heartbreak too! I fear I'm on the verge of becoming an evangelist for hypnosis. I am so wildly grateful. You are the best thing that happened in 2018.*

Kirsty C., Bellevue

Since starting hypnotism with Christian, many things have improved in my life. I came for weight loss and that was a 100% success! Other things that happened, I was able to let go of old non-productive behaviors and thoughts. Things that I did not know were affecting my life came to light and were dealt with. My productivity at work has increased. My relationships with those I love and care for have become easier.

     The main thing is a better person has come out of the session. I learned that the past is a bad place to live and it keeps repeating unless we take steps to move forward. I would recommend Christian to anyone that was in need of gain of focus, weight loss, ridding oneself of that nagging internal voice that holds one down. I have truly enjoyed my time and in the future if needed will come back.*

Margaret B., Tacoma

Thank you for helping me with my habitual issues. I feel that my hypnosis with you has greatly helped me in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. I feel more confident in my relationship, and it has helped us move forward in a very positive and trusting way. You made the entire experience very comfortable, and simple to understand and go through. Thank you!*

Tony M., Seattle

Thank you for leading me through these hypnotherapy sessions. They have helped me improve my life and my attitude, as well as assisted with falling asleep, engaging more willingly in exercise, and understanding myself better. I feel less burdened - free to be more completely myself and embrace life more fully. It was amazing.*

Susan O., Renton

Thank you for teaching me a new tool to help me sleep better, to help me live with a more kind perspective of my past and towards a happier and more fruitful future. I feel... more hopeful.*

Christine W., Seattle

I feel my time here was very well spent. The changes I was after have all come at me sideways and under my radar to surprise me. I feel the same way, but different in all the ways that I was after.*

Mark B., Bellevue WA

I've had a wonderful experience learning to forgive and heal on such a deep profound level. I would recommend Christian to anyone who is ready for growth and change.*

Eve N., Seattle

I highly recommend Christian Skoorsmith. I have seen him a number of times for anxiety and sleep. After my first session my anxiety was markedly reduced and I was sleeping better. After a number of sessions I have been able to see a permanent change, specifically in my interactions with my children. I am able to sustain the changes even after several weeks of not seeing him and I feel like I continue to make improvements on my own with the tools he has given me. I can't recommend him enough and am so glad I made the choice to try it.*

client, West Seattle

I recommend Christian highly from personal experience (and my mom resolved her sleep issues through him!).* 

E. A., Seattle

Your sessions really deepened my  confidence in trusting myself, by remembering my gifts. The experience improved my ability to speak truth to and with power. Your passion for this work comes through. I highly recommend it.*

Megan G., Seattle

I wanted a natural way to help improve my sleep and I was completely satisfied with the results after Christian hypnotized me. I now fall asleep more quickly and sleep deeply, which was my objective.*

Dianne A., Exeter, NH

Thank you, Christian, for a meaningful experience in learning how to help myself become better.*

Judy C., Allyn WA

This has been an excellent opportunity to improve myself. You have done an excellent job of making that happen. I look forward to the possibility of an advanced class (of self-hypnosis).*

Patty F., Allyn WA

This really surprised me with some of the things that I became aware of. Good tools to help realize change in my life! Forgiveness is key. Thank you, Thank you!*

Bonnie, Allyn WA

I was a bit skeptical at first, but not anymore. Recommend it to everyone.*

Joyce, Allyn WA

*Personal testimonial. Individual results may vary.

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