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Sandtray Hypnotherapy

One App,
Many Uses


Sandtray hypnotherapy is an intuitive, largely nonverbal way to access and work with unconscious material. Figurines and other objects are used in a sand tray to build a picture or scene - either spontaneous or to express some dynamic at issue for the client. The scene is then explored for meaning and insight, including how we can take control of our lives. With the ease of play and the seriousness of Jungian psychology, we discover ourselves in the sand, and are given the opportunity to understand and even remake ourselves as a result.


Benefits of Sandtray Hypnotherapy

Simple & Intuitive

Just like playing in a sand box, on a practical level sandtray hypnotherapy is easy to do!

Surprising Shifts

Because we are allowing unconscious issues and ideas to emerge in the play, opportunities for insight and change sometimes come out of the blue!


Sandtray work is validated by well-researched evidence, theory and technique - psychologically, neurologically, and somatically.


Sandtray Hypnotherapy

Christian Skoorsmith pioneered the adaptation of sandtray work for hypnotherapeutic application. Trained and experienced in both hypnosis and sandplay therapy, the overlap was immediately apparent to him, and he developed sandtray techniques that were in line with, augmented by, and enhanced through an understanding of hypnosis.

Sandtray hypnotherapy is appropriate for all ages, and can be especially powerful for adults interested in exploring relational dynamics and issues in their lives. It is a particularly powerful tool to uncover or work with unconscious memories, experiences, or patterns, as it bypasses much of our critical, verbal resistance. Reach out to Christian if you are interested in exploring sandtray work (or even just curious)!

Christian earned post-graduate certificates in Systemic Sandplay Therapy and Jungian Psychotherapy in 2022. He is also Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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