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Give the Gift of Mental Health

hypnotherapy or hypnosis

There has been a lot of publicity around the idea of giving "experiences" instead of "stuff" to friends and loved ones. Smaller carbon footprint, lasting memories, and more intimacy than a store-bought item can generally convey, are all benefits of giving experiences.

One kind of experience, however, stands to change people's whole lives forever. I'm not talking about sky jumping or a night at the theater (however awesome those are in themselves). I'm talking about offering your friend, spouse, parent or kid a short course of hypnotherapy sessions.

Not only is hypnosis a pleasant and useful experience, it can genuinely change the shape, color or nature of a person's experience of their world. Quit smoking. Lose weight. Stop stuttering. Overcome anxiety. Be free from a phobia. Get to sleep faster, sleep deeper, or sleep well alongside someone who snores. Relax. Release negative thoughts or change self-defeating behaviors. Revisit a pleasant experience of the past. Transform depression. Stop biting your fingernails. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Hypnosis has the power to help someone change in the way they want to change. Imagine giving that to someone you love.

Visit the promotion page for more information. Then email or call me (206-457-9275) to book the gift!

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