This logo is a composite of several ideas and symbols.


First, the interior figure is the letter "ailm," from ancient Celtic alphabet known as Ogham. Like many historic alphabets, each Ogham letter also serves as a concept or object, this one representing the fir tree, a nod to my adopted home of the Pacific Northwest. It also signifies energy, objectivity, good health, strength, clarity and integrity, all good hallmarks for a transformative hypnosis session.

The four arms of the interior ailm also beautifully illustrate the notion of the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit, each in equal measure. Whole health includes our whole person.

It is also the mathematical symbol "+", which is a happy coincidence because many of us get to a point in our lives where we tire of trying to outrun our past, looking to get rid of or cut off something. Sometimes all that resistance is really signaling a call to go deeper. Freedom and release from first embracing and understanding.

One thing I’ve learned from my work in philosophy, ethics, religion and with the transgender community is that the answer is more often “yes, and….” The more interesting questions for me have to do with what is there and what can we add, rather than what is missing or what do we need to take away. The “plus” isn’t about acquiring things, but expanding and growing our selves.

All of this rich and layered symbolism is embraced by a circle: a universal symbol for wholeness, unity, simplicity, clarity of mind and purpose. I want my practice to help empower people to seek, find and achieve their own answers and goals.

This symbol is one way for me to say what is most important to me: we are whole persons, and healing and peace must embrace our all.