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This logo is a composite of several ideas and symbols.


First, the interior figure (the "plus") is the letter "ailm," from ancient Celtic alphabet known as Ogham. Like many historic alphabets, each Ogham letter also serves as a concept or object, this one representing the fir tree, a nod to my adopted home of the Pacific Northwest. It also signifies energy, objectivity, good health, strength, clarity and integrity, all good hallmarks for transformative hypnosis work.

The four arms of the interior ailm also beautifully illustrate the notion of the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit (that sine qua non, or je ne sais quoi), each in equal measure. Whole health includes our whole person.

The four arms are also a nod to the Jungian quaternity, a number that the pioneering psychologist Carl G. Jung considered to symbolize wholeness and health. My work is deeply informed by Jung's work and perspective and this is one way to honor that.

It also isn't exactly the Celtic letter, because it is set at an angle, as if it were starting a cartwheel - playful, flexible, free.

All of this symbolism is embraced by a circle: a universal symbol for wholeness, unity, simplicity, clarity of mind and purpose (what Jung might have identified as a mandala). I want my practice to help empower people to seek, find and achieve their own answers and goals.

Together (aside from the playful tilt), they are also a nod to an early-Bronze-Age symbol that is virtually ubiquitous among widely dispersed populations around the globe. These different cultures were too far apart to be in contact with each other, but they all used something like this symbol - what archaeologists have assumed to be something like a "sun wheel." My adoption of this symbol is a reference to whatever that subconscious tie is, the ground of our shared human being that surfaces sometimes in common symbols and experience - another nod to Jung and the concept of archetypes and a collective unconscious.

This symbol is one way for me to say what is most important to me: we are whole persons; healing and peace must embrace our all.

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