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Fall Hypnotherapy Special

West Seattle Hypnotherapy Discount

Fall is my favorite season. The colors are so dynamic. The air is crisp. There is that earthy smell of rain and tingly frost. Doing things seem a little more difficult, and therefore they offer more a sense of accomplishment. And then there's hot chocolate....

But there's a flip side to all this.

The days are getting noticeably longer now, with the sun rising later and setting earlier. It is getting colder outside, so even when the sun makes it through the clouds, we're probably rushing to get out of the cold or indoors already. Some of us may already be planning for the holidays: dinners, family, guests, gifts, travel, higher utility bills from heat and light, making ends meet. There are reasons enough that this change of season might be wearing you down a little.

Anxiety? Depression? The blues? Stress, sleeplessness or bad habits? Having trouble letting go of something, or perhaps just letting go? Chronic pain? Relationship troubles? Maybe just motivation to get up or get to work?

Whatever the case, you already have within you the power and resources to overcome and succeed. Hypnosis can help you access those resources.

For one month, I am extending the "friends & family" discount to all first-time hypnotherapy clients. From October 15th to November 15th, every new client can book the first three sessions for $125. That is HALF OFF the normal price!

Most problems can be addressed in one to three sessions. If your issue is resolved after the first session, the remaining sessions are yours to use on whatever other challenge you want.

There is no better time to try hypnosis than right now. And you won't find a better price.

Call me (206-457-9275) or email me (Christian@WholeHealth.Today) for a FREE 20-minute consultation to see if hypnosis or coaching might be right for you.

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