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Silence is Golden... and it grows your brain.

I just spent the last weekend in silence. Or, at least a few moments of it. Actually, I was at a wedding, but my sister's family had booked us all at a beautifully rustic log cabin next to a small lake. Early in the morning and late at night (when the kids were asleep, mostly), it was awesomely quiet.

Then I come home to this article trending among my friends. Science backing up what I knew in my gut already. The best kind. (In addition to the kind of science that blows your mind and reorients you to the universe.)

Turns out, we introverts aren't antisocial - we're on to something. Periods of silence actually encourage growth in an important areas of the brain. Silence causes new neurons to grow in the brain, and also for them to integrate meaningfully into existing functions. Silence allows the brain to process information and to calm itself, while also rebuilding cognitive resources ("thinking juice") for following activity.

Silence and quiet isn't just pleasant - it is downright life-giving. Take time out, and call it part of your Whole Health regimen. And share your thoughts with us.

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