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Emotional Freedom at WholeHealth Hypnosis

Christian Skoorsmith is now certified in Emotional Freedom Technique.

Also known as "tapping," EFT combines contemporary psychology with ancient acupressure points to offer a dynamic, fast-working, easy-to-learn technique to reset our "emotional circuitry." Tapping is based on the principle that the underlying cause of our negative feelings or behaviors is a disruption in our body's energy system. EFT provides a simple way to reset the system.

It is a profound and genuine "mind-body" modality, involving both psychology and the energy meridians of the body.

EFT has been helpful in working with addictive cravings, weight loss, allergies, anxiety, sadness, physical pain, anger, jealousy, phobias, low self-esteem, negative beliefs, sports performance, dyslexia, headaches, stress, chronic fatigue and much more. Incorporated in a regimen that includes hypnosis and coaching, EFT is a powerful tool.

If you are facing any of the challenges listed above, contact Christian for a free, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation to see if EFT and hypnosis are right for you. Call 206-457-9275, or email Christian@WholeHealth.Today.

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