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Make the change you want, to be who you want to be. In this short volume, Christian Skoorsmith makes the complex psychology of hypnosis and personal transformation both understandable and useful. It includes an easy, simple method to form your own transformative trances. Concise, informative, applicable - there are insights on every page. Using evocative illustrations and memorable examples, this small book identifies powerful resources we, as human beings, have at our disposal.      This isn't hocus-pocus or mind-control. It is deeply informed by the latest neuroscience, hundreds of clients and thousands of hours in session. This introductory book reflects the nuanced but down-to-earth style of Christian in his practice, and the coaching and advice he gives his own clients every day. Immanently readable and immediately helpful, you'll want to read this book twice, and then share it with a friend.

Transformation Trance Formation

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