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     "hypNOTic Happiness" supports positive, appropriate, and beneficial perspectives and lifestyle changes. This isn't about hypnotizing yourself - this is about un-hypnotizing yourself, to be able to honestly embrace your positivity, productivity, and contentment.

     The "hypNOTic" series are recordings that are designed for use OUTSIDE of hypnosis - no need to go into trance or stop your daily activity in order to get the benefit of positive hypnotic suggestions! Driving or working, working out or playing... go about your business with this in the background, and your subconscious will soak up the positive reinforcement. They are ideal for supplemental support of hypnosis sessions, but can also be used entirely on its own!

     These recordings are curated from some of the most renowned professional hypnotists working today, and licensed exclusively for your personal use and benefit. Over ONE HOUR of subtle coaching set behind a pleasing piano score, crafted and read by the renowned hypnotist Don Mottin. Enjoy!

     You will receive a link to download the mp3-format recording. The link expires after 30 days, but the recording is yours to use forever. Simply download (mp3 format) and play on your phone, tablet, computer, or mp3-player at your convenience!


Instructions for use.
1. Never close eyes while using these products.
2. Set volume to a low level where you are just able to hear the wording.
3. The more the program is used the more effective it will become.
4. Contact Christian Skoorsmith at WholeHealth Hypnosis with any questions.


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