Support for Those Suffering as a Result of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine


I am committing time in my practice over the next two weeks (starting Feb. 28) to offer hypnotherapeutic support for anyone suffering from tension, elevated anxiety, traumatic stress, or anger management as a result of the recent attack on Ukraine - free of charge (as time allows).


Why Me? Why Now?

In the early 2000s, I lived and worked in Ukraine for three years, so I feel deeply and personally about the 2022 Russian invasion/offensive against Ukraine. I cannot join the fight there to defend Ukraine, but I can offer my support to others in the U.S. who might be struggling with similar thoughts and feelings as I have been.

 Young Woman Contemplating

WholeHealth Hypnosis

I offer an evidence-based, systematic modality to help people make the changes the have been struggling with. The particular approach I take is well suited for addressing emotional trauma quickly. In this offer, I will meet with people (in person or via Zoom) and customize a short, specialized focus session to help with relaxation, resourcefulness, resilience, and hope. (English-language only.)

If you or someone you know would benefit from this kind of support, please reach out to me at

 Young Woman Contemplating